Household electrical appliances

The household electrical appliances sector remains a high volume consumer of electronics. The constant renewal of models called for by the market makes it a sector which retains its dynamism beyond the cyclical variations of the appetite and means of the consumer.

In particular this sector is typified by the emergence of display and user interface functions on screens or displays, which no longer have anything to do with the buttons or lights that may decorate the facades in our kitchens

TIS Circuits and the household electrical appliance sector

From its foundation TIS Circuits has served the big household appliance names by addressing the market in all product ranges and supplying boards or semi-finished products.

Our assets

TIS Circuits is a historical player in household electrical appliances and provides its clients with :

  •  Industrialisation service and reliability analysis
  • Specific coating process
  • Fast sequencing of tasks of prototyping, industrialisation and start of mass production
  • Supply chain management
  •  Support for the client in sourcing key components
  • Flexibility in its production lines
  •  Participation in the definition and production of adapted test tools
  • Control board for ovens or induction hobs
  • Washing machine control board
  • Display sub-assembly for ovens, coffee makers, refrigerator
  • Remote control
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