The domotics sector is driven by an expansion in innovations which targets applications in security, health, comfort or energy savingThe emergence of offers for residential automation meets the requirements created by a growing demand for keeping elderly people at home or consideration for the increase in energy costs.

So this sector is seeing offers emerge that are sponsored both by confirmed players in the field, which wish to extend their radius of action, and by start-ups sponsoring their innovations, whether automation or remote control is involved.

TIS Circuits and the domotics sector

TIS Circuits, at the junction between telecommunications and household electrical appliances, is well placed to enable its clients to take advantage of its experience in technologies deployed in the domotics field.

Our assets

TIS Circuits is a recognised player in the world of communicating terminals, energy management, and household electrical appliances.
TIS Circuits gives its clients :

  •  Integration and testing for RF components
  •  Integration and testing of fixed communication components
  •  Industrialisation service and reliability analysis
  • Specific coating process
  •  Fast sequencing of tasks of prototyping, industrialisation and start of mass production
  •  Flexibility in its production lines
  •  Participation in the definition and production of adapted test tools
  •  Supply chain management
  •  Support for the client in sourcing key components
  • Remote controls
  • Alarm centre
  • Blind, gate automation
  • Remote meter reading unit
  • Video door portering
  • Interfacing equipment with operator network
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